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Promoting the happiness, health, and success of middle school youth.

The Creek Program

THE CREEK provides the opportunity for young people to grow in all areas of development: social, emotional, physical and cognitive. We believe that youth need quality programs that provide supportive learning activities, positive peer and adult interactions, activities that promote confidence and self esteem, as well as opportunities for community participation.

It is our mission to create a bridge between peers, family, community, and the school environment to promote the happiness, the health, and the success of middle school youth.

Homework Support

In our homework areas, The Creek provides computers, textbooks and supplies for projects. We keep up-to-date with the school curriculum and have on-site tutors to help students with any questions that they may have.

Outside Rec

Everyday we offer a variety of outdoor activities from basketball to scavenger hunts, dodge ball, ping pong, soccer and disc golf. Having access to an array of games outside helps students with health, wellness and concentration.

Community Outreach

Our students engage in service learning. Each month we focus on an issue affecting our local community. In the past, we have partnered with ARF, Monument Crisis Center, Trinity Center, Meals on Wheels and Oakland Children’s Hospital.

Team Building

Our daily indoor games focus on team work and character building while fostering positive friendships. Whether during a quick game of pool or a large group game of Big Happy Family, we help encourage our teens to problem solve together.


The Creek recognizes that students need adequate, nourishing food in order to grow, learn and maintain good health. Everyday we offer a fulfilling snack for these growing teenagers. Favorites include burrito bar, yogurt parfaits and homemade mac and cheese!


Everyday offers the opportunity for our stdents to particiapte in hands-on, “disguised learning” activities such as arts and crafts, gardening, cooking, inventing, drama, and more! We believe the arts are an essential element to the all-round well-being of our students.